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Camping Enthusiasts Wanted: Join Us!

Thanks for your interest in working with us! We are looking for like-minded, avid campers who can
creatively help us tell the world how deepsleep products can make camping exceptionally comfortable
and convenient.

For event sponsorship/donations, please email specific event details to: Info@deepsleepoverland.com

If you’re looking to solicit professional photography/videography please contact us directly and include
media/pricing kits, website link, work portfolio to: elizabeth@deepsleepoverland.com

For affiliate work:

How it works


A visitor clicks a banner or text on your site.


The visitor purchases something on deepsleepoverland.com

Pay Out

Boom! You receive a 5% commission on the sale!


deepsleep is committed to growing our outdoor partnerships and rewarding those who help us creatively tell our story. We are offering an affiliate program to help drive new campers to our website and to pay our brand advocates a commission on all sales attributed to their traffic.

Empowering Genuine Customer Connections

Unleash Your Influence

Please take a moment to honestly consider if 1 or more of these assets below are part of your lifestyle, and fill out the brief form and we’ll get in touch if it’s a good fit to move forward within 1-2 weeks. Affiliates we chose to partner with receive our deepest industry discounts and rebates, and we always make sure you’re up to date with the latest and greatest deepsleep gear and insider news!

  • You camp 4 or more times per year and have a knack for creating and compelling videos of various styles for social media with a strong page/post portfolio
  • You have a significant following on 1 or more of the most popular social media sites with a focus on outdoor lifestyle and camping gear or activities.
  • You are the moderator or admin for an online group, club or forum with significant membership.
  • You are a digital creator or photographer that camps often and frequently attend outdoor expos and industry events. 
  • You run an industry related website and wish to partner with/promote complimentary products to your customer base. (Different wholesale industry commissions available TBD)