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It’s a keeper

Purchased this deep sleep sleeping pad for a multi night trip to the PNW from So Cal. Super comfy mattress. My inflate/deflate pump broke (Amazon) and found mattress is difficult to deflate without it. Inflation is not an issue. Would recommend.

Perfect fit for Crosstrek, peaceful sleep

I recommend the Deepsleep Solo Mat since it perfectly fits the Subaru Crosstrek and provides a peaceful, quiet rest. In just a few minutes, the car camping mattress self inflates. No sheet is required. The mattress provides excellent support and can be adjusted to the level of firmness you require. And the high R value means that the mattress is insulated with foam for comfortable use in cold or hot weather. I carefully reviewed other mattress alternatives before picking the Deepsleep Solo Mat for Subaru Crosstrek. And I am happy to support a small, American, family-owned business run by folks who use their own products and know what car campers need.

Love them they are perfect for leveling out the space under our mattress for our 4dr Bronco.

Was expecting something different for the price. Got a inflatable “leveling mat”. Didn’t level the back like I was expecting. Unfortunately threw away the box it came in so not sure I can return it.

Outstanding Customer Service - Best Mattress I’ve ever owned

Bar none the most comfortable camp mattress I’ve ever owned. It’s drastically improved the quality of life on the trail and I actually feel like I’ve gotten a good nights sleep.

I reached out to the Deepsleep team that bent over backward to answer all my questions in a timely and thorough manner.

Special thanks to Claire for the outstanding service. Great product, excellent service… 10/10 all the way around!

Fits My Needs Perfectly

This has to be one of the best camping gear purchases I’ve made. I wanted to get away from sleeping on the ground and initially considered a roof top tent. However, I did not want to deal with the mounting process nor did I want to keep it on my vehicle long term.
The deepsleep mattress is the perfect solution that allows me to sleep safely and comfortably in my 4Runner. It contours perfectly to the shape of the interior and is super comfortable. When not use, it does not take up much space and comes with a nice carrying bag. In my case I built a platform so that I have a flat surface to sleep on. This worked great with the mattress so I cannot speak as to how things are if you went the leveling mat route.
I love how easy it is to inflate and it saves me a lot of time when setting up camp. I just unroll it, open up the valve, and leave it to self inflate. By the time I’m ready for bed it’s filled with the right amount of air for me. In my case, I didn’t need to pump more air in.
I ended up buying a Thermarest sleeping pad sheet and it fit perfectly.
When I am camping solo I can store my gear on the other side and still have plenty of room to sleep.
I did not find the optional pump to be very useful. As stated previously, I didn’t use it to inflate but I was hoping it would help when deflating the mattress. It didn’t move much air and manually expelling the air by folding/rolling the mattress was way more efficient. It was only mildly helpful in removing that last bit of air prior to closing the valve.
Another thing to consider is how tall you are, mainly if you have a 2 row 4Runner and get the standard size mattress. I’m 5’6”” and fit just right. My toes can touch the rear hatch door and there’s maybe a couple inches from my head to the folded second row seat.
Overall I am very happy with this product. I would recommend it to anyone interested in sleeping in their 4Runner. I liked it so much I bought a second mattress for when wife accompanies me on trips.

4dr Bronco

I bought the sleeping pads with the leveling mat and deflation pump. They were very easy to use and fit perfectly. I was a little worried about the crack between the two being uncomfortable, but I couldn’t even notice when using them.
My leveling mats did not come in the order by mistake, so there was a little slant, but it was still very comfortable. However, the customer support was fantastic! They quickly sent the leveling mats to me and even used two day delivery to try to get it to me in time, but I ended up leaving for my trip a little early. They also threw in a travel pillow to make up for it.
I’m not sure the deflation pump is worth it because they are so easy to manage, but they are very little and easy to pack if you need them for anything else. I’m glad I got them still because I will use them when camping for other things.
Overall, can’t say enough nice things about their support and the sleep I had when using them. I’m already looking at other products I might buy because of my experience.

Genius Solution

The Mat to level the sleeping area of the 4Runner is genius! Too bad DeepSleep can't keep them in stock.

Spent over $400 on this. It’s ok…but I expected more for my money. It’s not as comfortable as i imagined it would be.

Major shipping delay

Ordered (2) solo mats more than a month ago and still haven't received them. Its camping season! Website said they'd ship May 24th. Should have gone with Luna.

Absolutely worth $300 CAD. Just so nicely made. I love it. Stop copying me.
-my wife's exact words when I asked her what she thinks of her deepsleep while I'm writing this review..

Finally a good nights sleep

I had tried using several different things to sleep on in my 4Runner. They were all horrible. They slipped and slid and deflated. After reading several posts in a car camping group on Facebook, I decided to bite the bullet and order a mattress with the wedge. I used it last night and got the first good nights sleep in my 4Runner. It’s was awesome. I let it self inflate while I set up camp. When I climbed into bed after a really long day of travel, it was amazing. I fell asleep in minutes and slept all night.
I also have to say that their customer service is fantastic. My mattress was back ordered. I had called and told them I had a trip coming up and really hoped to get it before I left. They got it shipped out the day it came in and I received it in time for my trip.
Thank you Deep Sleep for making a great product and having excellent customer service.
I would highly recommend Deep Sleep.


Bought two and just used for camping in my Bronco (with the Deep Sleep pads). Kept the air moving and me cool.

Mattress is great. Used it several times and loved it. Only reason this order is not 5 stars is the pump I bought with it did not work.

I initially placed the order months ago since the website said it was in stock. It took 3 months for the order to fulfill, and I’ve missed 4 big opportunities to use this mattress.

Hi Huy, Thanks for choosing deepsleep. This was placed on April 17th during our 'backstock/soldout' period and it was updated that backorders (unless cancelled) would ship end of May. This shipped 6/3, so we sincerely apologize this stocked shipped a few days later than the time frame that was advertised and spoken about with you.

Works well when seats removed

I removed my back seats, built a sleeping platform, and then bought two of your 3RD Row products. My partner and I did 5 weeks on the road with this set up. We slept very well with this set up. The mattress foam core is really excellent. Much better than an air mattress.

I have been using the DeepSleep solo Mat for just over a Year now This one would be my 2nd one . I stacked two of them just to get the height I need so the end of the mat is even with the back seat . But having two of them feels better them my bed at home .


Have never been overly impressed with any sort of air mattress type sleeping pads but wanted a way to sleep in the bronco and deep sleep was what I found.

First off deep sleep went above and beyond to get the order out in time to arrive in time for the weekend. Secondly and more importantly I was beyond impressed by the comfort of the sleeping pad. Blew me away. To the point where the idea of sleeping on it actually doesn’t incite thoughts of a sore back and crummy nights sleep. Thank you deep sleep for an amazing product.

Oh yeah and the battery powered deflater punches way above its initial impression.

Popped on 3rd use. Customer service never responded after a call and email.

Wanted to love this. Unfortunately it popped on the 3rd use. Right on the seam. I emailed once and called once and left a message with customer service and it's been over a week and I have received no response back. Such a shame! I guess I have to reach out to my CC company for a refund.

Hi Nathan, I'm sorry you missed our call back to you that same day from our teammate Darius. However, We're glad the missed communications were sorted out and we were able to get connected with you to assist with this. Thanks!

Air pump is really cheaply made.


Deepsleep mattress is not just a mattress for camping. I age on each trip. I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping and my back hurts. When I first used the Deepsleep mat, I took the time to test it myself and found exactly what I had been trying to find throughout my travels. Deepsleep helped me wake up refreshed and go to sleep in a blissful environment. It is very suitable for traveling to various places. Be happy while traveling.

Recommend for all ages who love traveling.
Appreciate your business

Works great!

Love it. Used it 4 days in a row on a trip to Seattle and back from LA. Need to get another matching one so my gf can join next time. lol.

Works well, but missing the leveling mat

Overall a game changer for car camping in my 2020 RAV4. I had previously tried an inflatable sleeping pad for backpacking, but the Deepsleep Solo Mat is in a different league, comfort-wise. Self-inflates simply by opening the valve and letting it suck in air for a couple of minutes. The inflation bag that ships with it makes it easy to add more firmness.

The only thing that is still bothersome is the slight downward slope towards the cargo door. I thought Deepsleep once offered leveling mats to solve this problem, but I can't find them on the site any longer.

So far I like it

Set it up but have not slept on it yet.
Will tho in a couple of weeks. I think it will be perfect

Comfortable and warm

Sleeping on the mat took a little getting used to, but it was pretty comfortable. It helped me stay warm, setup and take down were simple and quick. Can’t wait for my next camping trip!