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Fast and easy to set up. Seems comfortable enough, but haven't put it to the test quite yet.

Comfortable and durable

I purchased the standard w/leveling mat. Miles ahead of an air mattress, the leveling mat makes everything simple and after using my 4Runner as my Basecamp this hunting season, I can confidently say that I've never slept in a vehicle as comfortably as I did with the Deep Sleep Overland Sleeping Mat.

Excellent product!

Mats are of great quality and work very well in my 2023 4Runner. Setup was easy even without a pump, mats are comfortable, and the clean up was simple and easy to get back into the original bags. Well worth the $$$!

Neat product not so inflatable feeling

Steelhead field tested in N. Idaho...

Just finished up 11 day fishing trip in N. Idaho. The mat passed all the marks and kept me rested and comfortable. This is the best mat I have ever used and I have used about every top end brand. Fits perfect in the 2020 4Runner with the insert to make it even.


Very comfortable

My first camping weekend was a good test. I was very comfortable and I didn’t experience a cold base even though it was below freezing.


Good thing just make it do seem to hit the flooring if it's not inflated properly. But air isn't as comfortable as foam. It's 5 inches make it 6 or 8 even.

I really like it. I slept on it last night and it was great. It actually exceeded my expectations. It's that good.

My perfect stealth camping is set up finally!

Holy cow their customer service is awesome!!! Liz and Claire went above and beyond to help me with my order.

As for the mat, I haven't slept on it yet, but I can say that it looks very well constructed and durable.

The mattress and base get pretty thick for how small they store. I spent 3 straight nights on it and it didn't lose air. Even if it lost a little I probably wouldn't have noticed since the memory foam is so thick. It felt like I was sleeping on my own mattress at home. I'm 5'11" and I had room to move. I would say that if you're 6'2" it might be a little short for you cause you will probably be on the edge. They seem really durable. And inflating and deflating is a slight learning curve. But for everything else I've seen or tried, this is the best.

Good Product.

I've been waiting to review this item until I had a chance to use it. Just got back from a two-nighter and here we go. First off, I have the top pad and the second pad needed for the Toyota 4Runner's dip when the seat is folded down. The first night, I let the pads expand on their own all day. When I slept on them at night, I could feel the dip in the back and sleep was not very good. On the second night, I used a pump to expand the pads as much as they would go. Sleep was good. The pads were comfortable and I was satisfied. The takeaway from my purchase is this: I would not order this sleep system for the 5th Gen 4Runner without the extra pad and I will always use a pump to expand the mattresses as much as possible. Would I purchase the product again? Yes. Just make sure you follow my suggestions. The secondary pad should not be an option for the 5th Gen 4Runner. It is a necessity.

Solo Mat with Leveling Mat for 4 Door Ford Bronco
It works great! Already looking forward to my next adventure to get out and use it. Fits perfectly in the Bronco, and it is extremely comfortable. Self-inflates well, and with a small pump, you can get it inflated in seconds.

Game changer!

Great solution. Takes up little space and super easy to setup. Glad I got the support pad.

Wow! Impressed!!!

Ordered these on the spur of the moment as we had planned to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway to observe the fall colors. It was a last minute adventure, so we were lucky these came in on time as we decided not to make reservations and just wing it. If we couldn’t find a room, we planned to sleep in the 4Runner on these mattresses. As it turns out, we were able to find rooms for all nights, so we decided to find a campground on our last night just to try out the mattresses. We slept soundly on these in a 2019 SR5 Premium with the 3rd row bench. Only issue we had is that the front of the bench is at an incline so we kept sliding towards the back. We finally found a comfortable sleeping position and it became a none issue. Fetal position with the rear end resting on the wheel well, lol! After watching a couple of YouTube videos, the fix will be a simple plywood platform. Otherwise, these were great! Very comfy.

Can’t lie

These mats are impressive! Well built and actually comfortable! We slept in my 2 door bronco and while it was tight, these helped. I highly recommend the Deepsleep Solo Mat!

Very Comfortable!

These are very comfortable and they. My wife and I used them for the first time on a chilly night. It does self inflate just fine, but I did have to blow more air into mattress for more firmness. And, it makes undesirable sounds when you adjust your sleep position.

Its a great product and solution all-in-all

Works w/ 2dr Jeep Wrangler JL

Awesome customer service. Provided me alternatives to their discontinued model for the 2 door Jeep Wrangler air mattress and provided pictures of fitment of DEEPSLEEP SOLO MAT FOR 2DR FORD BRONCO in a 2 Door Jeep Wrangler JL. I was able to make an informed decision and decided to purchase this solo mat for my vehicle. The solo mat fits inside my 2dr jeep wrangler JL with minor adjustments and the quality of the mat is very good and comfortable. I am happy with this purchase.

Great little mattress

I really like this mat. The only downside is if you are at elevation it can be a pain to inflate because the air pressure is much lower than sea level. Just gotta plan ahead. Sleeps great though. Very comfortable.

4Runner Sleeping!

Very comfortable. I’m impressed.

Mattress Great - Accessories MEHHH

I used my deepsleep mattresses in my Ford Bronco for the first time this weekend, they were great no complaints. Pretty comfortable, the directions were easy to understand, and the setup time was quick. What I am disappointed about is that the straps and carrying bags that come with the mattresses are extremely cheaply made. One of the bags is already starting to come apart at the seems and one if the straps have broken. The strap should be a cheap replacement, but for the price point on this product, the accessories should be higher quality and more durable than what they are.

Hi Thomas!
Thanks for taking a moment to review and leave feedback! Please make sure to reach out to our team directly at so we can supply a replacement strap for you! Sorry to hear that happened. They're not super heavy duty, as they are just meant to keep the 'roll' contained to slide in and out of the bad easier. Since the straps are adjustable, hopefully that won't be a problem again. Thanks for choosing deepsleep!

Very comfortable

This is the most comfortable mattress we have found for the back of our Bronco.

Good nights sleep

What can I say except the mattress does what it's supposed to do; we had a great nights sleep. It's comfortable, adjustable, the only negative and it has to be this way to be comfortable is the foam is stiff enough to cause it to be a bit difficult to air down and put away.
It's a trade off, any easier to put away and it wouldn't be as comfortable, we love it.

Deep sleep 4th generation 4Runner

This thing is great! Just what I was looking for to sleep in my 4th generation 4Runner. The additional wedge to compensate for drop in the cargo area was the simplest solution. I was not prepared to build a platform for camping. This deep sleep option was just the ticket for me!