deepsleep 5 inch foam camping mat
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deepsleep 80 inch by 27 inch foam camping mattress
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man carrying deepsleep camping mat into rooftop tent
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rooftop tent with 2 deepsleep solo mats
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plush soft comfort of deepsleep solo camping bed
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Deepsleep Solo Camping Mat for Tents


Camping just got WAY more comfortable. The deepsleep SOLO Mat is the go-to sleep system for avid weekend campers and overlanders worldwide. Made with durable materials for all-weather camping and provides a quick and easy set up in just minutes! Now available in 2 modular sizes for use with ground or roof top tents, or cots to take your camping comfort to the next level. These self-inflating mats expand within a few minutes for pillowy comfort, so you sleep like you do at home even when you’re on the trails. Air+Foam technology contours to the body in all the right places for a restful sleep. Built-in air release valve allows each camper to adjust their firmness level independently.

*1 Solo Mat, 2 or each size, or a combination of each size fit most rooftop tent brands

Size: 80x24

- 5 inches thick inflated
- Push button air release valve for adjustable comfort
- Open-cell memory foam (doesn't get hard in cold temps)
-ASTM rated 18 R-value for all season camping

Additional specs

- packed size: 10x 27 or 24
- weight: 9 pounds

What's included

- 1 Solo Mat
- Carry/Storage Bag
- Gear Aid patch kit
- 2 Year warranty & free repair service

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Key Features

Patented Contour designs

Offers optimized use of space

Secondary air release valve

Allows adjustable comfort for your best night’s sleep

5 inch foam core

For industry leading comfort and R-value for all weather camping.

Pet friendly and paw-approved

For adventures with 4-legged friends