deepsleep Solo Mat for 2Dr Ford Bronco
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deepsleep Solo Mat for 2Dr Ford Bronco
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deepsleep Solo Mat for 2Dr Ford Bronco
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deepsleep solo mat contours around ford bronco console
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deepsleep push button air release valve to set comfort level
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deepsleep Solo Mat for 2Dr Ford Bronco


IN STOCK, ships next day

Car camping just got WAY more comfortable. The deepsleep SOLO Mat is the go-to, self-inflating, foam+air hybrid sleep system for avid weekend campers and overlanders worldwide. Made with durable materials and packed with R-value for all-weather camping, this system provides a quick and easy set up in just minutes. Perfect for Solo camping, or a set of two offers door-to-door comfort in your Ford Bronco for two people. Sold individually. 1 Solo Mat offers 5ft of sleeping length.  2 Solo Mats offer 6ft, .3in of length from corner to corner. Seats can lay flat by utilizing the T40 torx bit (included) to remove the rear seat bottoms (approx. time 30 seconds). Seat should be reinstalled for safety before operating vehicle. Made for 6th Gen 2021+ 2 door Broncos.

Style: Solo Mat w/ Leveling Mat

-Provides 5ft. of sleeping length with 1 Solo Mat
-Provides 6ft-3in. of sleeping length with 2 Solo Mats (on the diagonal)
-Leveling mat included
-Includes T40 Torx bit for seat cushion removal (if desired)
-5 inches Self-inflating memory foam+air hybrid technology
-Push button air release valve for adjustable comfort
-Patented design for optimized use of car camping space.
-Industry leading ASTM certified 18 R-value for all weather camping

Additional specs

- 21.5 inches wide at bottom: designed to fit next to most onboard fridges/coolers or pullout systems
- 60 inches long
- 1 Solo mat Weight: 8 lbs, 1 leveling mat weight: 1.5 lbs
- 1 Solo mat Packed size: 10 x 26, 1 leveling mat 5x21
- Optional pump for quick deflation

What's included

-1 deepsleep Solo Mat and leveling mat for cargo space
-Protective storage carry bag
-Velcro roll storage straps
-Specialized repair patch kit
-2 year warranty + 1 repair service if ever needed
-*Optional* add-on: 12volt d/c compact quick deflation pump

Key Features

Patented Contour designs

Offers optimized use of space

Secondary air release valve

Allows adjustable comfort for your best night’s sleep

5 inch foam core

For industry leading comfort and R-value for all weather camping.

Pet friendly and paw-approved

For adventures with 4-legged friends