We're Committed to Change

As an indie business, we believe we hold the responsibility and honor to use our resources and community platform as a drive for change in the world around us. That’s why we give a portion of our proceeds to organizations that are working hard to improve lives, and public lands we all adventure on—in our own backyard and across the globe.

Tread Lightly

As the world of overlanding and off-road adventuring has become more popular, the toll it takes on our public lands cannot be ignored.

Our team works closely with Tread Lightly to donate our time and a portion of proceeds to support their mission for responsible recreation awareness and education, protecting public land access, and nationwide trail cleanup events.

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Charity: Water

 Another cause close to our hearts is charity: water. When we fill up our water jugs in preparation for our next trip, most of us often take for granted how cheap and easily accessible our clean water really is where the majority of us live. Water is a basic necessity that should be fairly and equally accessible to anyone around the 

 world. For this reason, we’ve partnered with 

 charity: water to do our small part to support their

 mission in ending the global clean water crisis.

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