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Are you constantly looking for a new trail that brings the darkest of nights?  Then String up Revel Gear Trail Hound lights to illuminate your site, or inside your rig for added ambiance. With its dimmable, multi-setting design you'll never be left in the dark. (requires a USB power source) 

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So far I have spent 4 nights on this mattress back to back and it is awesome! Highly recommend!

Thank you guys over deep sleep for taking care of me :)

Brian P.

The product overall quality is bad, the Copper Strands break really easy.

An just for you information, Revelgear is scammer company which fooled many people
on kickstarter over their revel light and solar packs.

Don't trust this company.

HI Brian, Thanks for taking time to leave a review. We appreciate any and all feedback. Just to clarify, we are not affiliated with Revel Gear company business wise, or with any kickstarter issue they may have with their customers in any way. We simply chose to carry these because we personally use and love them! We've never had any issue and our first set from 2.5 years ago is still going strong!
Our team holds strong integrity towards our customers and our reputation. We've investigated further into the concern you've shared about this manufacturer.

Lisa L.

Perfect! They make camping feel more cozy and I even string these up in the house when people come over or in the yard because they just look nice.

Victoria P.

Thankfully these are way better than the last 2 cheap pairs I tried off amazon which broke after 1 or 2 uses. I feel like these can get tangled really easy so i have to roll them up very carefully but other then that I really like them.

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Golden retriever puppy sitting on two car camping foam mattresses in the back of overland SUV


Rugged adventures call for a durable yet comfortable sleeping solution. Just because the trails were rough doesn’t mean the sleep needs to be. deepsleep products are tenaciously designed with military-grade materials for off-road use and your best night’s rest on the backroads. You can also hit the road with confidence knowing we stand behind our products and we’ve got your back with personalized customer service.     

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We believe the overland life doesn’t need to break the bank. Maybe a rooftop tent or trailer set up isn’t in the budget right now, or you don’t camp enough to justify that. deepsleep gear is a pocket-friendly way to step up your adventure-mobile to get you out there! Time is money as they say. Save time setting up tents and get to enjoying your off-time faster! With deepsleep, you can set up base camp in your car in just a few minutes.

Closeup inside interior overland vehicle outfitted for car camping with Deepsleep solo foam mattress, sleeping bag, cooler, skiing accessories and rugged man near passenger side door.


deepsleep products are quality-focused and not some wimpy, 1 season disposable. They're designed to last for many trips to come, overall reducing waste in the long run. We also put boots on the ground and regularly donate our time and sales dollars to trail cleanups, and efforts for public land conservation and access. Every deepsleep purchase supports our family business and trickles down to others as well as our domestic suppliers.