Our Environmental Commitment:

deepsleep is not your average mass-marketed air mattress purveyor. Ours is a family business.

What we do comes from the heart and is reflected in the way we design and produce our products.

Since our journey began, we have combed the planet to find both international and U.S. suppliers and factories that practice responsible manufacturing, pay fair wages, and uphold a professional workplace code of conduct. 

Our entire business and culture are based on a love of the outdoors, so we take our responsibility to reduce our impact as much as possible on our environment and the places we all call home very seriously.

deepsleep overland team camping in arizona desert

Values we’ve implemented to grow towards a more sustainable future:


1) Compared to the average inexpensive air mattress, our mattresses are designed using thicker, military grade materials so that our products are overall meant to be an investment that lasts

2) Our team offers a free mattress repair service to our customers in an effort to reduce wasted products that may otherwise end up discarded due to accidentally damage. Accidents happen! -Care for your gear carefully, and repair and re-use is our motto!

3) We use recyclable packaging and we’re working towards a closed-looped manufacturing goal. As many production scraps as possible are used to produce other products so less ends up wasted.

4) We run our business nearly paperless and, (with a nudge from the recent pandemic) we implemented remote work as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can.

5) Several times per year our team donates their time to do local/regional trail cleanups, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that support public land preservation and bring clean water to developing countries in need of global support.

“Be the change you want to see”.

We refuse to underestimate how a lot of small changes can lead to a big impact,

and we're commited to doing our part.