Who We Are

We’re a small team of intrepid off-roaders that are in the business of making gear for your adventures to take you farther. For years, our products have been trusted by weekend campers and dedicated overlanders alike worldwide.


After we got our first offroad vehicle and discovered newfound love for camping and all things outdoors… we stumbled upon an under-served community. 

It started with an infamous night where we burned a hole in our tent (embarrassing story) so we decided to throw the seats down and sleep in the back of our Jeep. It seemed like a good idea, until we woke up the next morning with a lot of back aches and only a little bit of sleep. 

There had to be an option for the ‘inbetweeners’ – those who like to camp but don’t have the rooftop or trailer set up, but still want a better, affordable way to camp. And it had to be comfortable.


There’s no hired design or marketing firm behind deepsleep. It ultimately was built out of a lot of research, ingenuity, and commitment by people who sincerely wanted a good night’s sleep on the road. 

After scouring the internet for better car camping solutions, we came up empty handed. There was a surprising lack of options back then… so we took the drawing board to make it happen! After a lot of hard work and many nights spent testing 4 generations of prototypes, we had our ‘goldilocks’ moment. We found the best combinations of comfort, quality and a good night’s rest on wheels. It started out as a project of our own, but if we were looking for this – others probably were too, right?


As a new and innovative product design, our deepsleep Jeep/SUV air mattress was published by Kickstarter in 2017. After receiving global backing from the camping community, deepsleep became the first-ever company to drop a contoured air mattress for an SUV, and the first company dedicated to the concept of car camping.

We didn’t stop there. An air mattress may not be everyone’s style, so in 2020 we brought to market the first self-inflating foam sleeping mat specifically contoured and designed for car camping and expanded our product line to fit over 1,400  vehicles. 

We’re stoked to be the leading innovators and game-changers of car camping products that sparked a whole new industry. We remain a small team of 5 dedicated to making comfortable and affordable adventures possible with mindful, industry-leading quality. We’ll see you on the trails!

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