GET LOST WITH DEEPSLEEP: Car camping made easy & comfortable

Have you ever gotten a wild hair where you just wanted to get outta dodge and go camping, like right now? But then you start to mentally create a checklist of what you need to bring, then the list starts to grow and grow and grow, until you lose your steam, open a bag of chips and Netflix instead? No? Just me?

Deepsleep makes your last minute camping dreams a reality

We at Deepsleep are avid car-campers and adventurers, but we started off like anyone else, noobs with an eager spirit who had no idea what they were doing. So the logical thing to do is a ton of research over the next few months so you can be super prepared. Or, review this quick checklist and let’s go now!

Deepsleep Mats

Let’s Go Now checklist:

  1. Know where to go. We’d love to tell you just to pull over anywhere you desire to camp, but if you want to do it legally and safely maybe use a trusty app to help, AllStays and Hipcamp are two.
  2. Get your mind right. We recommend following the Leave No Trace principles and common sense safety practices, like don’t leave the engine running while you sleep.  
  3. Bring some stuff. Here are the classic Ten Essentials that will equip you during your trip.
  4. Most important: Grab your Deepsleep essentials kit (we got #5 and #7 of the Ten Essentials covered for ya): 
 5. What about food & drink? Eh, grab a jug of water and a six pack when you fill up and eat a burger on the way! We’ll worry about the foodie part of camping later (stay tuned for some good camping recipes coming soon), let’s just get moving!  


Ok, if you’re pumped to get going, go ahead and “pause” reading until you’re out in the wild and comfy on your Deepsleep. Or if you have a couple minutes let me tell you about our first camping trip. I've actually alluded to this “long, embarrassing” story in our About Us  section but it seems appropriate to let you in on the Deepsleep origin story here and now so maybe you can learn from our misadventures.

In hindsight it was a classic first-timers camping trip, one where your more experienced outdoorsy friends invite you to join and you of course say yes first, ask questions later. So we did what anyone does, spent more time thinking about food, drinks and cozy socks then how to actually camp comfortably.

We packed what we thought would be sufficient essentials and drove out into the great yonder somewhere in the White Mountains of Arizona. It was not very long before the chasm of experience between us and our comrades grew so wide that it was clear we were not going to have the glamping experience we envisioned. On the one side of the camp, all of our friends were effortlessly putting the final touches on their pimped-out, pro-status campsites while on our side we barely had succeeded in setting up our cheapy nylon tent. Is it just me or are some of those tents purposefully designed to make you look and feel like an uncoordinated idiot? 

Anyway, after what seemed like several hours later, we finally managed to have some shelter. Which by the way, was about all we had. We didn't know about the 10 Essentials like you do now. But you know what, it wasn't going to ruin our trip. So what we had to prepare our drinks and food on the ground like a couple cave-dwellers, no biggie. Kinda. Did I mention the weather was terrible? It was not only super cold but seriously windy. This tent was not intended to withstand any slight breeze let alone gusts of wind which were effectively ripping off the canopy of our tent. At long last, in an effort to keep from freezing, we took a propane heater into our tent with us. Don't judge us, we were exhausted and cold and what could possibly go wrong? Oh, yeah, it could fall over and light our tent on fire. Which it did. 

So there it is folks. A fire that lit another fire. We ended up sleeping in the back of our Jeep with our sleeping bags and while it didn't do our backs any favors, the instant comfort of being elevated, warm and protected immediately switched our brains to "we are car campers." After that, we tried to find a mattress that would not only be comfortable for the both of us but also that fit snuggly into our Jeep and wouldn't be a nuisance to inflate. So we did what any rational person would do when you can't find exactly what you want - designed it ourselves. And now you nor anyone else will ever have to endure the discomforts of car camping. The end. And the beginning...

Car Camping with Deepsleep


Up until now we’ve been laser focused on getting our comfy, game-changing products out there to you all so you can get to living your best wild life. But we also realize you need more. And you know what, you deserve more. And starting now, we’re gonna give it to you.

We want to equip our camping noobs (you know who you are) with the confidence and tools to get out and explore. Replace that uncertainty and intimidation with know-how and confidence - we got you. We also want to give our experienced campers & adventurers a one stop shop for helpful hacks and tips to enhance their experiences. Oh yes, and camping cocktail recipes… of course.


We’re stoked to write this next chapter for you and with you. That being said, let’s get to know each other a little better. We really want to hear from you - tell us your interests, concerns, dreams and fears - when it comes to camping of course, we’re not therapists. 

How about we start with this - have you ever car-camped? If not, what’s been your biggest fear or obstacle in getting started? If yes, what was your first experience like? We can’t wait to read your comments on our next excursion!